building the power of survivors to effect change

We are calling for the political recognition of prostitution as a violation of human dignity and a fundamental obstacle to gender equality.

SPACE is an international organization that consists of survivors from around the world, speaking out, changing how we think about prostitution; advocating for the Equality Model which is the most effective and comprehensive approach in addressing the sex trade. The Equality Model (Nordic Model) decriminalizes prostituted people, holds sex buyers and exploiters accountable while closing “on ramps” into the sex trade and opens “off ramps” which is critical for those that need access to needed resources and viable options.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to elevate the voices and power of survivors in order to influence policies, programming and advocacy efforts to ultimately end systems of prostitution. 

SPACE works to build a strong network of survivors through authentic connections with one another, a strong base that will stand up to the myths and misconceptions, to patriarchal norms that perpetuate sexual exploitation and prostitution. It requires us to be aware of our own power, and what healing and justice looks like in order to be a strong and effective movement.


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