SPACE Intl. contributes to a submission to the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls in prostitution.

To better understand the relationship between prostitution and violence against women, survivors are best positioned to report on the brutality of prostitution. Bridget Perrier our representative from Canada submits information of those most impacted in Canada, providing evidence to the fact that Indigenous women and girls in her country are disproportionately impacted. Findings from the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry shows the increasing numbers of women and girls being sexually exploited for prostitution and calls for the international community to urgently respond.

Data from the EVA Center, a Boston area exit program, revealed that in FY 2022, 72 % reported to have aged out of systems, residential programs at 18, unprepared for life with no family support. This is the population most impacted in cities across the US. Numerous homeless young adults throughout the US are considered disposable, living more dangerous lives, exposed to sexual assault, beatings and the economic violence of quotas, having to make a certain amount through prostitution in order to have a place to stay. This submission also brings attention to the increasing number of young women living in hotels, paid for by their exploitive boyfriends, that often require a quota, being posted up on numerous on-line venues.

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