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Join Us for a Survivor March – Walk in Solidarity – JUNE 1ST, 2024 in Montreal, Canada

June 1st, 2024, Montreal Canada

Walk in Solidarity with survivors of prostitution in Montreal Canada to open CAP’s 10 anniversary summit. Information on the CAP summit is posted on our homepage.

This SPACE event, in collaboration with our partners and survivors from Canada, will walk to uphold Canada’s prostitution legislation, and calling for this Equality Model legislation everywhere.

As the march concludes, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from inspiring survivors from around the globe who are working in their communities to push for legislation in their communities and their work and their truth about prostitution.

SPACE contributed to CAP’s 3rd World Congress in April of 2019 in Germany, a country known as the brothel of Europe. The legalization of prostitution in Germany in 2002 resulted in about 400,000 prostituted persons in Germany, 10 times than France that passed An Equality Model inspired framework in 2016.

2024 marks the tenth anniversary of Canada’s Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. To Commemorate this milestone and advance a new survivor movement that ensures that this legislation is upheld along with advancing legislation everywhere, a survivor’s march and “speak out” will bring allies and survivors from around the globe as CAP also celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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