About Us

SPACE was first formed in 2012 from Ireland by Rachel Moran for the purpose of changing social attitudes towards prostitution. In 2013 the decision was taken to expand the group internationally and take on representatives from all corners of the globe.

We as survivors are best positioned to lead the efforts to change how we think about prostitution. While it “takes all” to create a strong movement of change, survivors have the greatest potential to mobilize others, therefore, SPACE is growing its representatives to include the voices of survivors everywhere, especially from countries and communities under-represented. We strive to be a learning community for survivors, supporting each other and creating a culture of healing, recognizing the trauma and harm that we have endured in our lives.

All representatives are outspoken public abolitionists, many of us have worked and even created exit programs in our jurisdictions. All of us have been leading efforts and campaigns in our communities, working to change the narrative, laws and policies that perpetuate the sex trade.