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Tanja Rahm

Tanja Rahm Copenhagen, Denmark

Tanja Rahm was prostituted for three years in different Danish brothels. She managed to extricate herself from prostitution when she was 23 years old. Suffering of anxiety and depression, she managed to educate as a therapist, sexologist and as a lecturer. Her 2010 book “A-Z Love and Sexuality” was published in Denmark. In 2014 she got a degree in social education at University Sjaelland.

She teaches students about sexuality and speaks loudly against prostitution. She is a political activist and has spoken politically at hearings in Denmark against prostitution. As a writer, she has written lots of articles about and negative efforts of prostitution.

Tanja wasn’t physically forced into prostitution. She didn’t have a pimp and used to say that her choice was made by her, and her alone. After a long journey with intense therapy, she discovered that her route into prostitution had been psychologically coerced because of a dysfunctional childhood, a youth littered with sexual assaults, and a resulting low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in her surroundings. She now says: “prostitution is never a free choice”.

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