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Laurence Noelle

Laurence Noelle Paris France

After a childhood of sexual abuse, Laurence Noelle ran away and ended up in the hands of a network of pimps. After being exploited on the rue Saint Denis in Paris (a street notorious for prostitution) she was rescued at 18 by the Movement of the Nest (association against the state-approved prostitution). She had to flee her own country to escape her pimp and rebuild her life.

It has taken 28 years to break the silence and dare to openly expose to the public and the media the cruel and violent reality of prostitution. She works to show that prostitution continues to exist today because some men demand it and people allow it.

Laurence feels it is time that the world finally becomes aware of the shame and contempt imposed upon women in prostitution and recognizes the suffering and trauma for the women who survive it.

She is the author of the book ‘To be reborn from the ashes of shame’ (‘Renaitre its shame’) in ‘The ferryman editor’ published in April 2013.

Today, she is a consultant, speaker and trainer graduate. She specializes in the development of behavioural and interpersonal skills. She works primarily in the prevention of all forms of violence in schools, criminal facilities including prisons, and the voluntary and social sector.

She is a founding member with Rosen Hicher of ‘Sex Trafficking Survivors United’ for France.

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