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Cherie Jimenez

Cherie Jimenez Massachusetts, USA.

Cherie Jimenez used her past involvement in the sex trade to develop an exit program for women in Boston MA in 2006. Her involvement in prostitution came out of economic desperation, being introduced into the escort business after a brief but abusive marriage.  As a young mom, she then moved to Boston in the 1970’s and involved herself in a number of causes.  Her activist efforts began then, co-founding the first domestic violence shelter on the east coast of the US and one of the first rallies addressing violence against women during that same year. But her activism took a back stage, returning back into prostitution to support her family. Sadly, it was not till years later after falling prey to substance use and violent relationships that she finally permanently exited out of prostitution. Returning back into school and eventually a degree program at UMass Boston in 1995 enabled her to be economically secure and return as a feminist activist to create a way out for other women and work to end a harmful industry.


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