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Membership of SPACE is open to any woman, anywhere, who has experienced any system of commercial sexual exploitation and is prepared to publicly identify herself in the fight against prostitution-abuse. We are very aware that this involves sacrifice, but it is our solid conviction that no liberationist movement in the history of the world has ever been successful without sacrifice. We all entertain genuine worries, fears and concerns, and rightly so, but we refuse to allow ourselves be directed by them.

It is important for us to state that we oppose the idea of either encouraging or discouraging a woman to speak out publicly. This is a deeply personal decision that each woman must weigh up for herself, based on her own personal circumstances. We believe it is frankly wrong to encourage a woman to speak out, as she may not be in a position to do so, either emotionally or for practical reasons. Equally, we admonish any person or group who discourages a woman from speaking out publicly when she has come to that decision for herself. We say so because systems of prostitution, by their nature, steal women’s voices, and the decision to speak out here is often an act of reclaiming personal power. It is wrong to block a woman from doing this, regardless whether out of concern for her or for any other reason – and so we leave this decision to each woman who needs to make it.

The women who contact us should fall broadly into one of three categories:

For those who are considering speaking publicly and would like to talk to somebody who has made that step, please feel free to contact us, anonymously and confidentially.

While SPACE is a coalition of women who do identify themselves and speak publicly, women who wish to privately add their voices to ours are welcome to contact us. Such women are already our allies and friends.

For those who have solidly decided that they do wish to speak publicly against prostitution, they are very welcome to join their voices with ours.


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